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Below is a list of links to websites that I have previously worked on:

Off The Wall Baseball
This is a virtual baseball league that I run, which began in May of 2008. It is updated 4-6 times a week.

Holy Family Church
I began work on this site in Arpil of 2005, however, work was stopped and the site was never published.

Griffin Sexual Assault Center
A site i worked on back in college. The design was done by someone else, but I handled all the coding for the pages.

Pre-Played Drums
My final project for my HTML class during my senior year in college. Some links and features (such as the log in) were required to be there, but did not have to be active.

The Pixie
A quick site I designed for a friends short film.

CBN Sports Blog (under construction)
The future home of the CBN Sports Blog. Work on the site has been delayed until work slows down a bit.

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