Two roommates, John and Dillon, have no choice but to question their sanity when a mischievous pixie suddenly appears in their apartment one day. Following their every move and randomly invading their lives, John and Dillon struggle to answer the nagging question, "Why?"

In this witty dramedy from film makers Kevin Keiser and Brant Wigginton, you will embark on a journey that spans the realms of reality and the subconscious. The line that separates fact from fiction can be blurrier than you know.

Winner of 11 Silver Strype Awards including:
Best Actor (Kevin Sebastian)
Best Supporting Actor (Ron Jon Rosina)
Best Directing (Kevin Keiser)
Best Editing (Brant Wigginton & Kevin Keiser)
Best Cinematography (Brant Wigginton)
Best Producing
Best Action
Best Protagonist
Best Antagonist
Best Special Effects
Best Costume

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