In 1941, a small group of Catholic residents from Union Beach petitioned the Bishop of the Trenton Diocese for permission to build their own Church. With little else than faith and courage, they undertook the task and in 1942 the first Holy Family Church was completed.

The parish grew rapidly and again faith filled parishioners petitioned the Bishop for permission to build a larger Church. The new church was completed in 1955. The building stands as we know it today.

Over the next twelve years, the parish continued to grow in faith and numbers and once again a petition was sent to the Bishop for permission to build an elementary school on the acreage purchased in Hazlet Township. The school was completed in 1967.

Since the first church was built, thousands upon thousands have entered its doors. They have brought their joys and successes, their heartaches and burdens. They have baptized their babies and buried their loved ones. They have listened to the Word of the Lord preached and have gathered in Holy Communion.

Over twenty five classes have graduated Holy Family School. Among them today are doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, business people, mothers and fathers, Our school now educates second generation students.

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